Saturday, February 01, 2014

Snow Days

What a crazy week. We got a few inches of snow on Tuesday. It immediately turned to ice. The interstate froze over. Six million people were in their cars on their way to pick up kids and get home. The city stopped. To a grinding halt.
It took Lehr eleven hours to get home Tuesday night. That was a bit stressful for this mama, but once he got here, the rest of the week was a great little gift. Red noses, snow ball fights, was a rare thing in Atlanta, but we welcomed it.

The kids were dismissed at noon on Tuesday, and it was already coming down in buckets. By the time we got to the backyard, you barely needed to swipe the railing before it recovered and fill back up with snow from the sky. All three kids and I played for a few minutes outside, and then they wanted to come in and do your homework before they went to play outside again. Yes, I just said that and I meant it: they want to do their homework. I said nothing to prompt them in that way at all. Eli kept saying "This is awesome!", as he'd look up from his math work. The boy was totally excited
After I put Ruby down for a nap, Eli, Maddux and I went back outside to play. We threw snowballs, slid on the front hill, and made snow angels. We met up with the neighbor kids had a blast for a good hour. Just before I went inside to get Ruby, Maddux had to go to the bathroom. She hesitated, switching her weight back-and-forth before finally saying "Okay, I have to go. You guys stop the fun for now. Wait till I get back. Can you guys pause the fun now?"
Love that girl.

I fed the kids soup or pasta or something warm that night and tucked them into fuzzy beds before coming downstairs to wait the long night before Lehr arrived home. The next morning there was no school, no boot camp, no work....
We spent the morning eating a lazy breakfast before suiting up to go outside. The older kids and I went to another street to sled with friends from the neighborhood. Watching Eli and Maddux try to walk up the icy hill was entertainment enough for me!
After lunch, we returned outside to sled some more. The kids' best buddies came over and we played all afternoon. Even Ruby came out in her snowsuit to check out the action.

The following two days found the kids out of school still, but by Friday afternoon, the snow had melted. No one was complaining too much; the amount of 'snow time' that was realized in less than three days was enough to last a year.

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