Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Nom Nom

Ruby is an eating machine. She started a little slow, but her speed of consumption is up there with McQueen these days. She eats three meals most days (along with nursing) and has yet to 'reject' a food. So far she's tried sweet potatoes, avocados, winter squash, zucchini, pears, peas, carrots, oatmeal, pinto beans, pumpkin, mango, peaches and pears. Add to that, she's sipping water or breast milk through a straw during at least one of those meals. Rockstar.

The video clip quickly shows the 'exercises' Lehr and I do with her before she eats. Sometimes we use a small spongy type tool to do the inner-mouth work, but mostly I use my fingers these days. These exercises are designed to help the muscles that Ruby uses for eating 'wake up' before she eats. Given her success, I'd say they're working!

The second clip shows Maddux helping Lehr feed Ruby. You'll notice her doing some sign language. We used some ASL with the other kids and have already started with Ruby, mostly during meal times. Maddux is always such a good helper and she loves to use the signs also. However, what you'll see on the video is a combo of real signs, signs that are 'close' and then Maddux just making some stuff up because it makes sense to her. She also goes through about 25 tissues when left to her own devices...good times.

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