Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Stolen Moments

As usually happens when a new baby enters the house, things around here have been busy to say the least. And as stay-and-attempt-to-work-at-home mommy, my schedule is probably most affected. Gone have been the days of lounging around with the older kids, playing games or reading books or picking up for a picnic at the park at a moments notice. Not that any of us mind; we have been more than happy to make this shift in the name of Ruby. But I have missed reading with the kids before bed, running out for quick little 'dates', and playing outside after school with them like we used to. I think I'm still doing a pretty good job keeping them on track with their homework and making sure boo-boos are kissed and 'I love you' is said. And they are getting a lot of great time with Daddy, not to mention the serious bonding time with Ruby I'm racking up 4-5 times each day while she nurses, so no one is really 'lacking'. But I am missing my one on one, my intentional time, my time to just 'be' with Eli and Maddux.
This week has given us a turn-around in that department. Even though we had two baseball practices and a gymnastics class, this week has been a very intentional family week, specifically regarding the two older kids and me. I had a dinner with just me and the three kids, focusing on the oldest two. I started a chapter book with them at bed, and read (and snuggled!!) three nights out of four. I had a day off of camp and got up early to wake them both, snuggling in their beds for a few minutes before they got up, and then having breakfast together and walking them up to the bus. One day Maddux and I even got to flip through a girls' magazine together. She saw a page on how to do some fancy hairstyles, so we took 20 minutes and tried them out on her hair. Bam! Moments into memories.
And finally I got to do a full PT session AND throw the baseball with Eli on two separate days. Big time! I love playing catch and throwing practice pop-ups and grounder and line drives to my boy.  I remember when he was four and I'd play catch with him...I would always think about the time in the future when I could throw without fear of hitting him or without worry he wouldn't catch it. Those days are here and I lam happy, happy, happy.

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