Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Doctor, Doctor

It's been one of those weeks. One full of car seats in and out of the back seat, into this parking garage for this doctor, onto that massive parking lot for that doctor, finally in that waiting room for that doctor.....

This is not a complaint: only one appointment was due to Ruby not feeling well. The others were check-ups. But even if they were all sick visits, we are so blessed to live in Atlanta where we can access this doctor and that doctor (and the other doctor, too).
The check-ups this week for Ruby were the endocrinologist and the ENT. At her 6-month check-up, the doctor ordered another CBC for Ruby and included a thyroid check. The levels came back slightly high (possible indicator of hypothyroid issues), so she recommended we establish an endocrinologist and discuss a plan. The doc was great, as expected, and was not concerned with what the test showed. He did order another test to get more information, and said he'd like to run the same one again in 3-6 months so that we can check the consistencies. I was SO impressed with that doctor and his staff. Every single person in the office was so kind, so gentle and SO kid-friendly. It was like being at Disney World; no one broke character!

Ruby's appointment today was with the ENT. She's been once before, but it was six months ago and it was not too fun. Today was to be some of the same: clean her ears, use a microscope to see the ear drum, do a hearing test with ear drum moment measurements. The doctor was amazing and gentle with Ruby. So much so that she didn't even cry during the cleaning and microscope! The hearing test was not as 'positive' as we'd like, but the doctor wasn't too taken aback by it; he said many factors could have been affecting the outcome. He was able to get a good look at her ear drums during the exam and they looked very healthy to him. He will see her again in three months to compare as well.
My girl was such a trooper. We were at that office from 10AM until just before 1PM. Through her morning nap and second nursing of the day (neither of which she got at the office). She dozed on my shoulder for about five minutes between the hearing test and our final visit with the ENT, but even when she woke as he entered the room, she didn't fuss. Ruby rocks!

The GREAT news he gave us is that we are cleared to get her in the pool. We have avoided any submersion so far in fear of ear infections. He said ear infections from fluid caused by sickness is what they worry about at this age much more than water trapped from a bath or swimming. Game on!!

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