Tuesday, December 24, 2013


The kids and I have a bucket list every holiday season.

We don't call it that, nor do we physically make a list, but in the months of November and December we always:
  • fill some Operation Christmas Child boxes
  • make chocolate covered pretzels for teachers, bus drivers, my OBC instructors, and a few others
  • watch typical Christmas specials (Charlie Brown, Christmas Carol, Prep and Landing, etc.)
  • complete a wish list of holiday gifts for a child with an terminal illness (and their family)
  • address holiday cards with decorated envelopes
  • cut down our own tree
  • prepare cards or notes for our Jesus stocking
  • house decoration
  • drive around and look at lights at least 3x
  • make gingerbread house and cookies
  • read our many Christmas books, again and again
  • write notes to Santa on Christmas Eve
  • make homemade spaghetti sauce, meatballs  and pasta for Christmas dinner
  • put Jesus in the manger on Christmas morning
  • purchase items for others on Samaritan's Purse or Spend Less to Give More
  • make a birthday cake for Jesus for Christmas dessert
We love going through each of these items, and the kids always remind me of ones we have yet to do. This year we missed a few, but kept the tradition going for the majority. I love love love that both Eli and Maddux already know the tradition of how we do Christmas in our house, and I love love love that they look forward to it each season.

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