Saturday, December 07, 2013


We've talked about some of the perks of an 'off-season' that we've realized in our family, but now Eli is enjoying a different kind of perk: a new sport. By the time we are done with baseball most Novembers, we are so ready for a breather that basketball is not even up for discussion. This year, however, we decided to let Eli give it a shot.
The church up the street has a great league that only has one practice and one game/week AND the schedule is totally laid out at the beginning of the season. Eli's never played formally, but he does a lot of one-on-one (with next to no rules) and shooting in the neighborhood.
As expected, Eli is not in line to be the team's center, but he can dribble and shoot at least as well as all of the other boys. Practice has been great for him, teaching him some of the positions and strategies....and he always looks forward to the next practice. This afternoon was the first game. Eli was point guard 3/4 of the time and did fairly well. The sense of urgency of the game took him a bit by surprise the first time down the court, and he had the ball taken from him by a few more seasoned players, but he loved every second of it.

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