Thursday, December 26, 2013

Let's All Go To The Movies

With two weeks off from school, and a few visits from Grandmas (to help after Lehr's surgery), I thought the holiday break would be a good time to steal away with the two older kids without Ruby. Don't get me wrong: that girl is a rock star and has yet to limit our ability to go to the park, the river, even the movies. But with her nap schedule falling more solidly into place (and there being only two of those each day), I thought it would be fun for Eli and Maddux to hang out, schedule free.

A few months ago when I took the kids (all three) to see "Planes", we saw a preview for an upcoming Disney movie: "Frozen". They asked me right then and there if we could see it at Christmas. So today found the two 'big' kids and I at the theater! What a fun movie; Eli and Maddux LOVED it. (So did I!)

As with most outings with the kids, funny things were said and realizations were made. I think I noticed them more because I was less distracted without Ruby.
  • Eli saw some random preview over the summer and commented that he thought the actor that played some part was the same one from another animated movie we saw, just with his hair cut. Kinda funny, since he wasn't saying that the voice was the same, but the actual person (animated) on the screen. When Frozen started, Eli leaned over and said, "I think that's the same actress as in Rapunzel, just with shorter hair." Smart boy, as the two movies do have the same drawing style for the faces, but once again, I was reminded of my little boy's innocence.
  • We had to park rather far away due to the large number of people who had the same idea as we did for the day after Christmas. As we were walking (and walking and walking!) to the ticket counter, Maddux chatted along the way but stopped when we got within throwing distance. "Mommy, I'm going to look to see if I know anyone here." That sounds about right because Maddux is *slightly* social and does tend to know a lot of people. Then wihtout missing a beat she said, "Oh, HEY ADDISON!" Yup....of course she saw a friend right away.
  •  If you've see Frozen, you know there is a scene at the end that hints at the main character's death. This storyline plays out for about 1 1/2-2 minutes. Just long enough for Maddux to totally tear up and lean on my shoulder. When the character starts to 'melt' and come back to life, I watched Maddux wipe away her tears (many, many tears) and smile. Love love love that sweet girl.
  • This one is unrelated to the movie, but it was awesome and I don't think I blogged about it yet. A long while back we were having a conversation about horses and unicorns (and maybe some other horse-ish animals). While we talked, I made some comment about unicorns being horses, but with a horn. Maddux insisted they were not the same at all, horn or no horn. We went around and around about it, but in the end Maddux's defense was that they are different because 'horseys are giddy-up' and unicorns aren't. I guess that's that!

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