Saturday, December 21, 2013

Gifts From The Heart

As we are in the season of Christmas, gifts are on everyone's mind. Because Maddux is who she is, she thinks at least about giving gifts to others as she does about receiving. This, I love.

When it came time for me to make my annual chocolate covered pretzels for my instructors, Maddux and Eli always ask to give some to their teachers as well. This year I asked if they could think of at least one other staff at school to give them to, preferably someone who may not have a specific class that would be showering them with gifts. As expected, Eli didn't think of anyone, but Maddux immediately asked to bring some to 'the lady in the lunch room that always helps me'. This could mean any number of people, as I have to imagine that Maddux receives help many times each day. But Mad Dog did have one specific woman in mind: the cafeteria staff worker who consistently helps my girl with opening her milk or her orange or her cheese stick or anything else packed in her lunch. Love it. Of course we made them for her and Maddux delivered the next day.

While Maddux made a card for her teacher and we sent in pretzels, the day before the holiday party found Maddux scurrying around for another present for her beloved teacher. She took one of the plastic bags i used for the pretzels and found a variety of gems from around our house that Ms. W may like. The items that made the cut were (overly) scented lotion (only used once by Maddux), two unsharpened pencils, an eraser, and a small page of stickers. While inwardly I cringed at the gift, especially the (overly) scented lotion, it warmed my heart to see Maddux thinking so intentionally about what her teacher may like or need.
When Maddux got home from school I asked if she'd given the gift, and if Ms. W had liked it. Of course, she did. When I touched base with her teacher letter, she sent me this awesome note:
Ah it was absolutely precious. Maddux is one of the most precious children that I have ever met. She may drive me up the wall at times, But I love her more and more each time. She has a beautiful personality and an even bigger and more beautiful heart. Not to mention she is as cute as a button. You and your husband have done an amazing job with her. I wish you all a very merry Christmas. Enjoy your Jesus cake and spaghetti and meatballs :) Maddux wrote a beautiful and very structured story of your special family tradition. I was a very proud teacher!

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