Friday, September 02, 2016

Therapy Update

As I've said before, gymnastics is our only official PT these days. Ruby still loves it. Stays with class and gets help from the teacher when needed (but does lots on her own too). We use the short balance beam in the backyard to help Ruby with her balance and core strength often, and she loves to climb on all kinds of playground equipment. She's running...yes, running...all of the time. Still not jumping with two feet, but we'll get there!
Speech! Ruby currently has three speech therapists. The school system every Tuesday, and Thursday is alternating with myofunctional (more correct lip/tongue placement for sounds) and regular speech. She is stringing more words together, "Thank you, mom", "More water, please" and the likes. She will also put two of those together: when she sees one of the kids or Lehr walking towards the garage she will say, "Bye, Eli. I love you." She is also commenting on her environment more and more daily. Ruby will see something or point to something, look at me and tell me what it is. Her favorites are umbrellas, airplanes, and babies.

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