Saturday, September 10, 2016

Different Sides of Ruby

With the introduction of a schedule for Ruby where she is away from me, but in an reoccurring environment that includes social and academic components, comes stress. But then, what doesn't stress me out these days, right? My stress is in the not knowing. In order for this to be the type of success I'd like it to be, it's necessary for me to not be present in that classroom. This is Ruby's chance to work on her own, with people other than me or Lehr. Even more than with Eli and Maddux, this is so important to start the expectation of Ruby being able to find success through her own means.

So far, school has been great. Ruby loves it and her teachers report she is doing well. Last week one of her speech therapists asked if she could go to the school for Ruby's session (instead of meeting with Ruby and me at the house). It was one of those moments where I chastised myself: why didn't I think of that? OF COURSE this would be a good idea. Not only could this therapist give me a clearer picture of what Ruby is doing/not doing (because she knows Ruby outside of that classroom, which the teachers don't), but she can also help Ruby find a few strategies in the moment, and she can give the teachers insight into how to best help Ruby and the class be successful.

The report was generally good, but nothing on this road comes without bumps. Ruby is not using her words in the classroom. At all. That is frustrating to me because she is such a chatterbox at home. And because Ruby does not show me any signs of shyness, I just assumed she was talking (in her own way) to the other kids and in general. It makes me sad that they haven't been able to see that very curious, very social, VERY talkative side of Ruby. Another thing our therapist addressed is Ruby not initiating play with others on the fact, it sounds like she just plays by herself most of the time. That is a really tough one for me, since Ruby is so social anytime I see her with other kids (not at school). The good news is our therapist helped facilitate some interactions on the playground that went very well and hopefully helped Ruby realize she has to talk to the other kids (like she does to me and her siblings when she's playing with us at home).
The different sides of Ruby...I had no idea she had this one that is showing up at school! It's so crazy to me to think of this playground side of Ruby, especially when a day doesn't go by that Ruby isn't continually tugging at my hand to 'ccccc-ooommmm' with her to play with the doll house or her kitchen (initiating play). A day doesn't go by that she doesn't play with me or Maddux using as many conversational imitations as possible (the 'talk' is incessant). We are very hopeful that a few more facilitated playground visits will find Ruby and her classmates initiating play together during these times, so that they can see the Ruby that we see.

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