Saturday, August 27, 2016


This last week Maddux participated in the Elementary School annual Boosterthon fund raiser. She was super pumped because this year would be her chance to do the color run (4th and 5th graders only). As not excited as my speedy girl usually is about running, she was gearing up!
The night before we picked out her clothes: a pair of white shorts that was already marked with paint, shoes that were not brand new, and a pair of clear, protective glasses (smart girl!). It was especially humid the morning of the run, as we were expecting rain by the afternoon. This made the color powder hang out in the air even longer than usual and stick to all of us, even those of us that weren't running through it. (I think Maddux and I both had it in our lungs for two days after!)
As expected, Maddux joyfully ran at least as many laps as she could to max out her pledges, opting to find the color every time it was thrown in the air. Maybe she will learn to love running yet?

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