Monday, August 01, 2016

First Day of Fourth Grade

It didn't hit me until later in the day that this was the first time Maddux has ever gone to school without Eli there too. Not that she ever needed it, but Eli always walked her to her class on the first day. It is so odd that she's there 'by herself' this year.
We started the morning with homemade egg mcmuffins (Maddux's choice). Eli woke up and went to the bus stop too (in his PJ's to rub it in that he did NOT have school today). The bus stop 'seniors' are now Maddux and William, which is just nutty...
Maddux's teacher seems to be a great fit. When we met her at Meet-N-Greet, she ended our brief chat by asking Maddux, "Do you want to hug?" She gets my girl :)

Maddux came home very excited about her day and her class. Her best friend is in her class and the girls chose to sit at the same table, across from each other. We cautioned Maddux to make good choices so she and her friend could enjoy their time together instead of being separated. Maddux assured me she had a great (not too much talking) day and they both made good choices.

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