Monday, August 31, 2015

Washington DC Trip

For Eli's 10th birthday, Lehr and I gave him a weekend trip to DC. Instead of it being just Eli and Mommy though, we opted for the whole family to go, since we know the next six months will be a bit up in the air. Eli was thrilled, and Maddux was pretty excited too.
We landed in DC at 9AM Friday and left at 4PM Sunday, so the trip was short, but we managed to fit in as much as possible in that time. Lehr got us a hotel close enough to see the Washington Monument out of the window, and we walked and took the Metro everywhere. 
The first day we probably walked seven miles...we went to the Spy Museum, the Washington Monument, the White House area, and we walked the whole thing: no Metro. Ruby napped when she could in the stroller. After we grabbed dinner, the girls and I settled in for the night and Lehr and Eli went to rent City Bikes and see some monuments. This was very cool for our boy. He got to see Lincoln that night, and he read the Gettysburg Address.

The next morning we went to Ford Theater which was by far my favorite. We then walked and Metro-ed the rest of the day to hit a tour of the Capital and the Museum of Natural History. After dinner we followed the same protocol (after a quick dip in the pool), and Eli and Lehr hit the Jefferson Memorial.
The last day only left time for one thing, so Eli opted for the Air & Space Museum. The kids loved it! About halfway through, I took Ruby outside for a walk so she could nap, and I hopped into an art museum for a minute or two. There are so many amazing things to see and do in DC!
Eli was adamant about recording everything...he kept his journal with him and wrote a synopsis and/or review of everything we did. Love that boy!
The plane rides were uneventful. Ruby did fairly well; Lehr kept her quite entertained. On the way there, the pilot pulled Eli and Maddux into the cockpit as soon as they boarded the cool! And on the way home, one of the flight attendants gave me a goodie bag of food - she was tipped off from a friend of mine (who also works for Delta) that we would be on the flight. Amazing!

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