Tuesday, August 18, 2015

First Day

Ruby started school this morning.

Cannot tell you how cool it is to see that sentence in print!

Starting late last fall I researched and read up on local preschool programs that might take Ruby once she turned two years old. The one I landed on is inexperienced in children with T21, but they were/are very open to including her in their regular classroom. I met with the director last winter, then Ruby and I met with her early in the spring before signing on for a 2 day/week program this fall.
Two weeks ago Ruby and I met with her teachers to answer any questions and let them meet Ruby, then last week we attended the formal Meet-n-Greet with the other kids. Last week's official first day was a no-go for Ruby due to pre-op appointments. But today, oh today, she went into a room with nine other kids (all typical as far as I know) and rocked it. I helped her hang up her bag outside of the classroom, right after we put her cup and diaper in the appropriate bins. Then she walked into the room all by herself (teacher preferred method). It was all I could do to not stay and peek in all morning, but I knew she would be fine. Three short hours later I came back and walked down the hall to find one of the teachers at the door, releasing kids as their parents approached. Before I knew what was happening, Ruby walked right over to me. The teacher said she did great.

Could not be more proud. Could not be more excited. Could not be more hopeful for what this means for Ruby and inclusion in general.

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