Sunday, August 23, 2015


Eli wanted to do a triathlon again this year. This would make #3: last year we missed it for some other event, but he was adamant about getting back to it. (Maddux opted out.) He even trained a few times, doing a full 100m swim, 2 mile bike and 1 mile run two weeks ago. (All by his own motivation.)
This morning's event was predicted to be a wet one with thunderstorms likely throughout the entire morning. When we arrived at 6AM, the skies were clear and they remained that way until Eli transitioned to the pool to start his race around 8:30. Sprinkles started during his bike and then drops fell through his run. The real fun started just as he crossed the finish line: thunder, lightning and hard rain poured on us for the next 30-40 minutes as we tried to find cover, then get his bike and gear out of the transition area before walking to our car across the highway. All of the while, Eli was smiling; he even said, "Hey, it's not like we can get any wetter!"
Eli did really well, passing several kids on the swim, keeping up with road bikes (he has a mountain bike) and passing several on the bike portion, and running just off of his fast pace for the final leg of the race. He didn't beat his best friend, but he definitely had a good race and he's already asking when his age qualifies him for longer distances.

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