Sunday, December 28, 2014

Therapy Update

Ruby had to miss Gigi's for several weeks before the holidays due to doctor appointments and sickness, and speech was on a little hold because of teething and a change in therapists with Babies Cant' Wait. Fortunately she's been able to maintain her Physical Therapy. She's still taking 4-5 steps at a time, but never without my prompting. The area she's improved in big time is standing. She still needs to pull up or push up on something to get to a standing position, but once there, she almost immediately let's go and stands unsupported while she's playing.

And even though she hasn't had any speech therapies in the last month, Ruby's signing is exploding. Her intentionality with the motions is huge and she has many words. As of this week she signs: more, please, eat/food, pig, help, hot, fish, all done, dog, book, wash, milk. It's been really cool to see her start to use them more on her own. She is still all kinds of vocal, babbling all of the time and using several consonants, but no words other than 'moh' or 'mama'.

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