Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Therapy Update

Ruby started crawling just after her first birthday. That milestone was long awaited because we worked so hard on it for SO long with little or no progress before she just took off one day. Walking has been different. Ruby has been pulling to stand and walking with a walker, a gait trainer, and parallel bars (when not cruising) for almost six months. But until a month ago, no solo steps. Finally (on November 10), she took two steps when transitioning between the couch and a toy. Totally unprompted by me; we weren't even 'working'...just playing.
In the last month we have been working to get Ruby to walk holding only one of our hands, to take a step or two between couches, to stand unassisted and balance for as long as possible. Sometimes it felt (feels!) like this work is not doing anything because we don't see progress. But then Ruby will have a day where she shows you that she can do all you ask for so effortlessly, and sometimes more!
Today was one of those days. Ruby's therapist came this morning and we discussed what she's been doing since her last visit. We started with standing; I showed her how I'd been supporting Ruby to stand while she played with a toy. By the end of the 'demonstration', Ruby stood for 58-seconds with no support except one finger on the top of one toe through her shoe.
THEN, we moved over to steps. Ruby and I showed her what she's been doing and I commented how Ruby will take 3-4 steps (not too controlled) a bunch of times in one day and then go back to 'lunging' at structures for several day. Ruby obviously heard me because she showed the therapist and I exactly how much control she has. She took up to four VERY controlled steps, totally upright again and again. Never once did she fall into her ending object.

Crazy girl.

This video was taken an hour after therapy, so less of the control, more of the fatigue, but you get the idea.

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