Saturday, December 20, 2014

Maddux's Big Ole Heart

That girl. She's always had a big heart. Always been a bit of a 'little mommy'. Always taken care of and looked out for those around her.
As soon as she could write, Maddux has been making cards (randomly) for teachers. In the last year or so, that has expanded to friends. Now we've moved on to neighbors. She will not just make one for the neighbor kid friends she has, but for their whole family. Most of the time I'm totally unaware; the receiving neighbor will text me and thank me for Maddux's nice card left in their mailbox or on their front porch. Almost 100% of the time, that text will catch me by surprise.
Maddux's awesome heart also includes her family. She will leave Lehr or I (or Lehr AND I) notes and pictures all of the time. Their sentiment ranges from "You are the best mom/dad/parents!" to "I can't wait until fall when we can jump in the leaves together!" to "Mommy and Maddux are GIRLS!" They can be random or very focused, but they are always awesome.
Maddux's heart centers on Eli often. Recently on a night when we are coming down on Eli a little harder due to his inability to not talk back, I found her in her room making him a card, telling him that he is the best brother ever. (This, coming from the sister who does everything in her power to make his life better, to the brother that does not exactly return that favor.)
That girl is a keeper.....

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