Saturday, August 02, 2014

Ruby's Parallel Bars

Ruby received a therapy tool from her main Physical Therapist this week: a set of parallel bars. Of course, they are tiny tiny, for someone as small as her; in fact, they are made out of a few pieces of PVC. The idea is that she can walk forward while having a support on either side of her, when she need help balancing.
These bars should help her begin to cruise/walk more, as so far she's only taken a few (supported) steps while I prompt her as I hold her hands or her torso. She has not yet shown that she understands forward or sideways mobility on her feet yet.

As of today, the only 'walking' she's done with the bars is prompted by me, moving her hands forward one at a time and slightly prompting her feet. She's taken a few random steps as I push her hands forward, but just barely. However, this set up is a cool one and I am VERY excited to see how quickly she progresses with them.

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