Thursday, August 28, 2014

Ruby Therapy Update

I can't keep up! She barrels through our goals so quickly that by the time I get around to posting about her therapy, the updates are too many to recall.

Ruby's latest in the area of Physical Therapy is her advances towards walking. She is crawling at light-speed; no barriers there. She will climb up stairs very fast too. I still need to stay behind her because if I don't, she may get tired halfway up and sit back (which would mean her falling down), but there is no assistance in her 'up'. She is pulling up on EVERYTHING, which makes the kitchen a very fun place for her. With all of the drawers/hardware available to her, she can play in there while I cook for a long time.
Ruby's latest piece of PT equipment is her "parallel bars". Her therapist brought them to us last week and Ruby had already mastered them before the week's end. She can walk back and forth with no assistance now, and her speed is picking up too. We are working with her to increase her step distance (she only steps about half of her foot length, instead of a full pace in front, as you or I might step).

In the area of eating, Ruby is still only rocking the two small teeth on bottom, so many foods are not possible for her. However, she likes and will try to eat anything I give her. I try to give her a fork food once/day so she can practice her fine motor skills as well. She does very well if I load the fork for her; no problems bringing it to her mouth.
Ruby is still saying 'more', fairly clearly. She gets the "mmmm" sound fine, but sometimes has to be reminded to extend to the vowel as well. We are not any closer to a pincer grasp, unfortunately. Socks on hands still a few times each week, but as soon as they come off, she reverts back to raking/fist feeding.

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