Monday, March 17, 2014

Hard Work

I probably mention Ruby's hard work in 5 out of every 4 case it's not obvious, we're kind of impressed by the work this girl puts in! Ruby's latest trick is pushing herself into a sitting position. She's been sitting on her own since before Christmas...somewhere in January she became a total pro at it, holding herself in an upright sitting position for at least three or four minutes at a time.
In the midst of working on her four-point hold (aka crawling position), we've shown her how to get into and out of hands-and-knees. Into: she is on her stomach and she pushes up with her arms (think 'up dog'), then I give her a little support at her hips and she pulls her knees under her. Out of: she's in hands-and-knees and I gently push back on one hip and help her walk her hands back into a seated position.
Over the weekend she was working hard in the bath one night. I had her on her stomach in shallow water (the girl likes to 'swim'!) and she kept trying to anchor her knees and push back to sit up. So the next day when I was working with her on her elevated four-point (hands up on a thick book or other taller than the ground surface), she kept pushing herself to the side to sit without any prompt from me. Fast forward a few hours when all I had to do was get her into hands-and-knees and she'd push back immediately. *By the way, when I aide her hips up, she barely needs my assist. That girl's abs are STRONG!
I got a quick video; it shows the natural progression of us working on it and then her doing it on her own. However, it was shot in reverse. The working on it part came later in the session when she was exhausted. She started out with success and then started to fatigue (which is when I started to assist her). This girl is a rockstar!

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