Sunday, October 13, 2013


What an amazing morning. I got up with Ruby just before the rest of the family today. After I fed her, I left her in bed with Lehr and went out side to grab a quick workout. Just before I finished, Eli came outside with me. He wanted to eat cereal with me, just me. I told him I had to grab a quick shower first, but then I'd be right back downstairs.  He said, "what kind of cereal do you think you're going to have, Mommy?" I told him Cheerios and a banana, and then went upstairs. When I came back down, Eli told me to close my eyes and then he walked me to the table. Set out perfectly was a mug with Cheerios and milk, and an apple sliced with peanut butter, his mug and cereal, napkins, spoons, and a small little note that read "I love you mom ".  Insert my jaw hitting the floor. We proceeded to have a great little breakfast together for 10 minutes or so. Just me and my little man.

Fast forward an hour later when we get to church and the kids go into their worship set. As our first service of the month started, we quickly found out that the virtue for October is honor. It was quite easy to show kids examples of honor later that day. Eli's was a no-brainer. Maddux had a good one recently also. The day we returned home from the beach, she rushed upstairs and drew a great picture for the family we traveled with. She added some words to say thank you, and ask if we could deliver right a way. I asked her why she made them a thank you note, and she told me it was to thank them for sharing the trip/time with us.

My kids rock.

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