Monday, October 21, 2013

Halloween Traditions

We don't have many. Really just one that is out of the ordinary: the Litte 5 Points Halloween Parade. It is a bit more 'adult' than you might expect for something we would attend. Especially because we are so strict with TV and movies, but it's something we've done as a family every year since Eli was 1 year old. And (to date) the kids have never been scared by it!

This year was Ruby's worries about her fear level yet; we'll check in again next year. The kids like to dress up for the parade now, and it's a good chance to test drive their costumes. Maddux was a pink butterfly-ish thing, Eli was Abe Lincoln (but we didn't get the beard to work for the parade), and Ruby was a ladybug. The kids had a blast and Ruby's checked off another first family tradition.

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