Thursday, September 26, 2013


Once again, I'm here to brag about Ruby and her amazingness.

Ruby's physical therapy is still going really well. She is sitting up (assisted) so much better, holding her neck VERY high for longer periods of time, rolling and rolling and rolling, and grabbing onto (and holding) beads and shirts/blankets constantly.

This week we introduced a new seat for Ruby. In the past, we've worked on her neck, back, and core muscles for sitting by having her straddle my leg and supporting her rib cage. Then I could place my fingers under her chin to assist her head control as needed (usually not until she fatigued). That was a big step for us, but now she is even stronger! Her therapist brought us a bumbo-ish seat that has a support/play-area that moves all around (very similar to an exercauser). We stuffed the seat a little to help make up for the gaps, added a stiff magazine behind her to allow for head support when she got tired and away we went! I keep that seat upstairs for her to play in and downstairs I keep her regular bumbo, with the tray, for her to hang out in while I cook. The combo of using those seats at least once a day (and we're talking about no more than 10 minutes at a time) has strengthened Ruby's midsection so much, in just a week!

One of Ruby's newest tricks is one she didn't even pick up in PT; she just came about it like any other baby would. Ruby is doing crunches! When I put her on any surface that is not 100% flat, she contracts her abdominals and pulls herself up, as if to sit up. Check out her moves!!

This morning Ruby's therapist (Sherri) was blown away by the progress Ruby had made in such a short time. We started working on a few more things (mostly supported knee sitting while leaning on a sturdy flat surface) because of how strong she has become. Sherri couldn't believe how well Ruby supported herself in this new position, without assistance, for such a long time. And her free play wiht her hands is comign along too - go pectoral muscles :)

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