Monday, February 23, 2015

Therapy Update

It's so interesting how much I notice about Ruby's progress and milestones that I never noticed with the other kids. That's not a profound realization; it's obvious that if you're working intentionally on individual tasks, you will notice them more. This is especially true for these last few weeks; while Ruby has not crossed any major bridges this month, I have seen a lot of 'little' progress that gives me a cool view into all that goes into those big milestones.

Physical Therapy:
Ruby is still walking more than she's crawling. She's taking tiny little steps, but those steps go from one room to the next before she loses balance and sits down. And she's turning 90 and 180-degrees while she's walking without losing form too. She will carry things (even 2 1/2 lb weights!) from point A to point B, and she laughs every step of the way. (She KNOWS how exciting it is!)
Sometime in the last month, Ruby started going down the stairs the correct way (backwards instead of headfirst). While I've been trying to teach her forever, we struggled with her trying to slither down like a snake for quite some time. She only does that occasionally now at the one-step drop into our living room.

Speech Therapy:
No words, but many word approximations. Unfortunately they are not usually when we're prompting them; they come in random conversations. She will give me a 'B' sound more consistently though, and she will blow air out appropriately when I ask for an 'F' or 'S' sound. Some days Ruby really gives me a lot of correct feedback when we are going through sound books; those are my favorite days!

Ruby is still adding some signs; recently she's done 'music', 'cracker' (it looks just like 'music' when Ruby does it), 'play' and she tries so hard to do 'I love you'.

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