Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Career Day

Cool moments.

They usually happen when we don't plan, when we're not looking, when we're unaware there was even an opportunity.

Two weeks ago it was Career Day at Eli and Maddux's school. Each kid had three people representing three different types of careers visit their class throughout the day. When they got home that afternoon, we discussed who had come to their rooms, what they talked about, anything cool they learned, etc. It came up that an Occupational Therapist came to Eli's class. We commented how cool that was since his sister (Ruby) does occupational therapy. We talked a little more about it, but the conversation basically ended there.

The other night when Eli and I were on a mini date getting an x-ray for him, career day came up again and he gave me a very different recount of what happened after the Occupational Therapist visited his class. After each of the careers left their room, their teacher followed up with a summary and some general discussion. During the discussion post-OT, Eli raised his hand and said that he knew about OT because his sister did all kinds of therapy because she has Down syndrome. He said everyone in his class commented: "What?" "No way!" "I didn't know that." Eli said that half of them then asked, "What is Down syndrome?" Eli's teacher let him explain it (he gave a brief chat about chromosomes and how Ruby has 3 of the 21's set, and how she does speech, physical and occupational therapy). He said his teacher then explained it too.

So so cool. I loved sitting their listening to Eli tell this story, asking him prompting questions when he left out information that I was dying to know about the whole thing. I kept commenting to him how neat it was that he taught his class something (and why didn't he tell me about this when we talked Career Day a few weeks ago!??!).
That boy. Just when I assume he doesn't have 'it' in him, he proves me wrong.

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