Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Therapy Update

Ruby is still rocking through her many new things every week! Speech Therapy is going well; she is still eating all types of textures and temperatures with no problems, and the therapist was impressed with small improvements she's made in her eating 'techniques'. She is babbling a lot more now too: "b" and "bl" sounds. One of her therapists said to start working on her pincer grab with finger foods. When we put them on her tray, she uses her third and fourth fingers to rake them up and get them into her mouth. I've tried many different strategies, but she hasn't responded successfully to any of them. Our least favorite was taping her hand/fingers. She didn't mind it at all, but she also didn't have any success. We'll keep trying things....
Physical Therapy is moving along well too. Ruby is not crawling or army crawling, but she is progressing with so many other things. When she's on her stomach, I barely have to prompt her at her hips to get her to pull her knees in so that she's on all-fours. And she will hang out on hands and knees a lot longer, even rocking back and forth. From that position she will also push back into a sitting position all on her own. Ruby's protective response is immproving too; from a kneeling position, she will catch herself in all fours when she 'falls' forward most of the time. Finally, she sits on raised surface (bench or upside down bin) well and is working on pulling standing from that surface.

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