Saturday, April 05, 2014

Roller Skating

What a fun spring break! The kids and I really enjoyed several days of just hanging out and having fun. We mostly played in the yard and at the house, but on Tuesday, I did take them roller skating. Eli went once when he was four, but nothing since then. Maddux has been in the cul de sac since she got her roller skates, but she'd never been to a rink.

So. Fun.

Eli was less steady on his feet, requiring the use of a PVC 'walker' with wheels on the bottom to help with balance. Maddux zoomed right along, only falling a few times. Since I had Ruby in the backpack carrier, I opted to stay in tennis shoes. Both kids skated for almost two full hours and talked the whole drive home about going again some time soon.

As luck would have it, Lehr took Friday off and we went again. Since Lehr's knee still isn't in the best shape for skating, he held Ruby while I skated with the kids. I invited the kids' friends, so there were five total kids on skates.

So. Much. Fun.

Eli and Drew were the oldest of the five by at least two years, but they were the least steady on their feet. Too funny. Maddux was probably the best again; that girl has great balance on skates, even though she tends to be klutzy on solid ground.

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