Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Operation Christmas child

We participate in Operation Christmas Child every year. Eli and Maddux have helped me fill shoebox sized totes every November for as long as they can remember. The past few years they have also helped me shop for the contents of the boxes. Unfortunately, with school and Ruby and, well, life taking up so much time, I had to shop on my own this year so that the time I had with the kids oculd be spent putting the boxes together. I had the kids divide up the contents of my Target bags and then pick the contents so that all boxes were even.

It should come as no surprise that Maddux wanted to add a personal touch to the boxes: she drew a picture and wrote 'I love you' for two of the boxes. But when I asked Eli if he could think of anything else a 5-10 year old boy would like in his box, he ran and found a handfull of brand new tennis balls. Then he disappeared upstairs and when he came back, he had for Lego action figures in his hands. He wanted to give each boy two figures so that they could play if they were by themselves. Be still my heart.

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