Monday, November 18, 2013

Food Drive

We are so glad that this has become at least an annual 'thing' for our family. This last weekend we held a food drive in our neighborhood for a local outreach program. Another family helped us with the manpower and we collected a LOT of bags of food.
The kids are always involved in this process with us, from stapling instructions on bags to passing bags out, door-to-door, to collecting the filled bags on the final day. Yes, there are always some groans along the way, but there are also some cool moments too.
This year was slightly more challenging because we had to figure Ruby's feeding schedule into our morning AND her location in the car. (The kids and Lehr always ride in the back of my Pilot and collect bags from there. We push the seats down so there is plenty of room; that would not leave a space for Ruby's seat.) She rode up front with me (in her seat) and she napped and ate perfectly. We collected the bags all morning and then drove them to our church where the program is setting up shop. The kids all unloaded the bags up the steps, up the elevator, and down a hall to the storage room. They were hard workers! We then came home for lunch and outside play (they earned it!) Another food drive success!

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