Friday, July 19, 2013

VBX 2013

We look forward to it every year. The first year we participated was actually less than a month after Maddux was born. It's just what we do at the end of July each summer.

VBX is the 'VBS' celebration at our church; we do a camp 4 evenings in a week that include original dramas, lessons, games, and lots of fun and loud worship. Since Lehr and I volunteer each year, our kids got to participate in the pre-school version for years before they were old enough to enjoy the 'real thing'. Now that they're both in the thick of it, we are all enjoying the week to the fullest.

Lehr often leads a group of kids and I usually take photos and jump into his group when I can. This year though, he was heading up the music and then jumping in to help with a group. I was taking pictures, but of course I had an assistant that I carried around in the bjorn with me. She didn't prefer to stay the entire time, as bedtime snack and bed usually occurs before the end of VBX each night, but she was a trooper while she was there.

Maddux didn't have any of her usual friends in her group this year, but she still had a blast and (of course) made some new friends. Eli had his buddy, Logan, with him (they've been together every year), and Lehr got to help with his group, which they both loved.

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