Thursday, July 04, 2013

Girls Just Want To Have Fun!

Maddux's birthday party is often a random assortment of friends. Not that the kids that end up at her party (usually at the pool) are 'random', but the final guests in attendance are often a much different gathering than originally planned. If we intend to include neighborhood kids, we end up with church friends. If we intend on hosting girls her age, we end up with a co-ed party of all ages. And if we plan on friends from her Kindergarten class, as we did this year, we end up with three friends from three totally different areas of Maddux's life. I guess that's to be expected when your birthday is the day before a big summer travel holiday!

For her birthday this year, Maddux had been asking for months to take a few friends to SkyZone to jump on the trampolines. Just over a week before her birthday we invited a few of her friends from school, but only one would be able to make it. Not a problem; we invited a few more and were able to assemble three of Maddux's favorite girls for an afternoon party. Lehr drove around and picked all of the girls up (he insisted that it would be part of the fun) and took them all to jump on trampolines for about an hour. Then he brought them all back to our house where Ruby and I had stuff set up for ice cream sundaes. (Maddux does not like cake icing very much, so she chose ice cream as her birthday dessert instead.) The girls played on the back porch a bit and then Lehr drove them home.

Eli was in attendance also, as he loves to jump and Maddux loves Eli. I think he got a bit overwhelmed when the girls all broke out into song on the drive home, however.....

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