Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Alice In Wonderland

Maddux signed up for Drama Club this spring, meeting with about 20 other kids in her school once/week. She was interested in joining in the fall, but schedules conflicted, so she had to wait until January. The culmination of the season was to present a play to the parents and the older grades at school. The play chosen was Alice In Wonderland, which they started working on immediately.
After a few weeks of meeting and 'reading', parts were chosen. Maddux ended up being one of the story tellers: "red", while the others were rainbow colors as well. It was difficult to get her to practice her lines with me in the beginning, but she was very interested in pulling her costume together!
When the big night arrived, Maddux asked me to make some special treats for the reception after the play. She also asked me to come early to take photos of the entire cast. So many creative costumes and talented kids! There were just over half a dozen Alices throughout the performance and many of them have a future on the stage!
Maddux did a great job, delivering her lines clearly and timely. She has a hard time being part of the performance (rather than a spectator), but with so much to see during the play, who can blame her!

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