Thursday, November 10, 2016

Soccer Star

While the first few weeks of Ruby's 3-year-old soccer experience were not ideal, her season ended well. I posted a video from one of her first two times on the field: they showed her somewhat participating. However, most of the time, she was not into it at all. It shocked us because Ruby loves to kick the ball in the front yard and on the big field when we go for Maddux's practices and games. And my girl is not shy in a large crowd. For whatever reason, the combination of the two, plus two parents and two siblings 'supporting' you during your session was too much. Ruby didn't like to participate and was very moody the whole time.

Thankfully, she turned it around for the last two practices, really rising to the occasion. On the second to last day, they did a few scrimmages and Lehr caught this awesome clip. It totally shows who Ruby is at the core of her being: a champion for others. That kid on the other team ran by her to score a goal and all Ruby could think to do was cheer her on. Love. Her.

On the last day she had a great time maneuvering the ball around when asked and joining in a little scrimmage at the end again. Here is a video from her last day:

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