Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Batter Up!

Maddux is well into this season of softball, but we've only had one game so far. Between freezing rain and ice storms, so many practices and games have been rescheduled and cancelled that I'm doubtful she's really getting a taste for the sport.
Regardless of that, Mad Dog had a GREAT first game. Ruby and I got there just as the girls were warming up prior to the first pitch. In her first appearance, Maddux played pitcher, second base and right field. During her inning as pitcher, she fielded the ball every time it was hit, getting it to the first base (wo)man quickly.
Maddie hit three times, getting on first or second every time she smashed the ball. She LOVED the game and said hitting was her favorite part. 

Unfortunately, Eli's soccer game overlapped, so the boys weren't there to see her debut. Eli was quick to voice his disappointment in this, which was music to my ears.

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