Wednesday, May 21, 2014

School's Out.... For The Summer!!

The last day of school is here! Both kids had a very fun week, signing memory books and class shirts, playing outside more than working inside, and participating in class party type activities. As has happened on a few 'last days', I wasn't able to meet them at the bus stop with Popsicles; Ruby had a big ENT appointment at the same time as bus drop off today. To ease my mommy-guilt, I arranged for a friend/neighbor to take the kids after school which meant that Maddux and Eli got almost 2 hours of playtime with their best friends. (Probably better than mom and Popsicles, actually.)
The first thing we did this summer? Bucket list. This year's includes "breakfast for dinner AND dinner for breakfast", "family badminton" and "nap outside". I think I'm going to like this summer!

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